Falcons Security Guard Services

Falcons Bayarea Security is a Security Guards company based in the Bay Area, in Northern California. We are in the business of deploying armed and unarmed security officers for notable clients throughout the world. All of our guards are licensed, trained, and tested to ensure quality service.

Falcons Security Guards

Furthermore, Falcons Security Guards are trained with the power to arrest, and are required to complete a full written report of each incident according to our strict protocols.

Falcons Bayarea Security

Falcons Bayarea Security is bonded with a large General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance, making it a safe company to do business with.

Falcons reputation

Falcons Security has a good reputation, and we have long standing relationships with local authorities in each county which we operate in. We work closely with police when reporting any incident and provide them with a copy of our report to facilitate their investigations.

Falcons Our patrol vehicles

Our patrol vehicles are clearly marked and highly visible, offering a visual deterrent to criminals. Our vehicles include patrol sedans, bicycles, golf carts, and ATVs. The use of each depends on the nature and size of the patrol zone.
International Security
Unlike other security companies, many of our guards hold international visas, allowing them to travel with you on your next overseas trip. Our guards are available to you during your entire stay, ensuring a safe trip, and your safe return. International travel is a premium service, and requires additional planning. Please provide us with sufficient time to plan your custom security detail in advance. Once you try us, you will agree, we provide excellent service at affordable prices. Don’t let another day go by, contact Falcons Bayarea Security Today.