Armed/Unarmed Security Guards

Each client of Falcons Bayarea Security is different and requires a different level of security. A general consultation will determine if you are in need of an armed or unarmed guard. Sometimes a physical presence is all that is needed to deter criminals or trespassers. In other instances, an entire team of armed personnel may be necessary. Call us today to get more information and your free consultation.

Discrete Security

Modern business clients and VIP’s understand the importance of discretion. Pulling up to a social event with several uniformed guards may not always be appropriate, and can attract the attention you may not necessarily want. By choosing discrete body guard services, you can receive the same level of protection you require, without anyone knowing you need security at all. Our guards are licensed to carry a concealed weapon (CCW), allowing them to provide a heightened level of security no matter where you go, wearing whatever clothes the occasion calls for. Anything from casual to formal, our security guards can fit into any situation while still providing a top quality service to you, your family and your business.

Patrol Services- Private and Public Property

Falcons Security patrol offers round-the-clock protection from vandals, criminals, and trespassers. Our high profile guards and vehicles are visible deterrents to crime, keeping criminals at bay while our trained officers stop and question anyone they suspect to be out of place. When necessary, our guards will contact local police, and always fill out a complete report of each incident according to our strict protocol. Our patrol services are available 24/7 and our security detail can be customized according to your specific needs.

Transport and Delivery of Valuable Goods

The transportation of valuable goods can be risky. Criminals often target valuable goods during their transport because they are exposed, and easier to access than when hidden behind a safe. Trust Falcons Security in the transportation of your valuables. We create a comprehensive logistical plan to ensure your possessions arrive on time, every time; safely and without interference. We are also able to work with your existing security team in support of the shipment, transportation, and delivery of such goods.

Bodyguard Services

Criminals, stalkers, and obsessed fans are a reality in today’s society. Falcons professional bodyguards are trained to recognize and react to threatening people or situations in order to provide security for each client. Dedicated bodyguards can be hired for long term contracts or as-needed. Our guards can accompany you to your destination when traveling and can ensure your safe return. We keep the distance between you and those who mean to do you harm. Call us today to get started.


Falcons Guards are trained in video monitoring surveillance, allowing them to patrol your building and surroundings via security cameras. We can use your existing camera surveillance system or can help you to install a new one. Trust our team of professionals to help you implement a comprehensive surveillance plan.

Event Security

Special events require special security detail. No event is ever the same, so we make sure to create a unique plan of action each time we are hired. Our event security is headed by a team leader who is in charge of making sure that each guard is in place, and is quickly notified of any suspicious behavior. Team leaders are able to quickly mobilize their teams according to the changing situations and have direct contact with event officials. Each event is always different so be sure to hire an experienced and flexible event security team. Call Falcons Bayarea Security for a free consultation and for your free quote.

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